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Promoting health management

#A safe and healthy working environment

Basic approach to employees’ health

Since 2008, the Haseko Group has been providing support to its officers and employees for better physical and mental health by promoting "Healthy HASEKO Full-of-life Plan" under the slogan "No success without healthy officers and employees."

To describe its passion for and approach to health at the Group level, we released "Haseko Group’s Declaration of Health" in September 2017 and thereby presented our corporate policy for health to people inside and outside the Group.

Haseko Group’s Declaration of Health

We, at the Haseko Group, hereby make our declaration of health to pursue a group in which all employees—our most important business resource—can maintain their health, both physically and mentally, and each and every one of them can work more vigorously, in order to fulfill our corporate philosophy "To contribute to society by creating an optimal environment for cities and people."

  1. Support for health
    The Company will proactively work on maintaining and improving its employees’ health and provide support to them for better health.
  2. Responsibility for health
    Employees shall take responsibility for their own health and take action and make efforts accordingly on an ongoing basis.
  3. For a healthy future
    Our future must be unlocked by no one but ourselves. In order to open the way to Haseko Group’s future, let’s work together and make efforts as a team by giving top priority to our health.

September 15, 2017
Noriaki Tsuji
President and Representative Director
Haseko Corporation

#A safe and healthy working environment

Organizational framework for promoting health management

In accordance with Haseko Group’s Declaration of Health, we established the Haseko Group Health Management Promotion Committee in fiscal 2018. The Committee is chaired by the President of Haseko Corporation, its members are the respective officers in charge of departments of Haseko Corporation, the respective presidents of Group companies, industrial doctors, labor unions, and its secretariat consists of the Personnel Dept., the Safety Management Dept., the Welfare Dept. of Haseko Well Center, and the health insurance society. The Committee makes decisions on company-wide policies, targets, plans and progress related to the maintenance and promotion of employees’ health and shares related information.

#A safe and healthy working environment

Maintaining and enhancing health

Physical health

"HASEKO CLINIC," an in-house medical office that serves as the health management and disease prevention center for Group employees, plays a pivotal role in our efforts for the early detection of diseases through medical checkups and outpatient treatment. The CLINIC has precision equipment comparable with hospitals and is capable of performing accurate and speedy tests.

The CLINIC not only conducts periodic medical checkups on all employees but also holds health seminars (e.g., improvement of diabetes, smoking cessation) andgives advice for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, in an effort to enhance their health.

As the Company's measure to assist in raising employees' interest in better health, positron-emission tomography (PET) examination is available to some employees, while female employees are entitled to undergo comprehensive women-only medical examination.


Mental health

We have a structure in place to provide care to employees to maintain their mental health ranging from counseling to reinstatement assistance, including stress checks, as well as a structure to give support to employees in the event of the onset of mental illness.

Specific services available are: "self-care," which involves counselling and telephone consultation by a professional body outside the Group; "line care," which is a periodic training session held for managers to educate them and raise their awareness for the prevention of mental illnesses among their subordinates; and "reinstatement assistance program," in which a support team including an industrial doctor and the personnel division provides employees with full support at the Company level to return to work.


The Haseko Group believes that it is important for employees to have opportunities to expand their horizons in terms of hobbies and mates and opportunities to refresh themselves, in order to maintain their physical and mental health. For this reason, we not only directly operate a recuperation facility but also introduce recuperation facilities and resort condominiums to employees and encourage employees to utilize them.

Furthermore, "Haseko Club" and "Everyone's Event," which are open to employees of the Haseko Group, provide the employees with opportunities to refresh themselves through physical exercise and cultural activities.

#A safe and healthy working environment

Haseko recognized for "White 500"

Haseko Corporation and its affiliates were recognized under the "2019 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program" in the large enterprise category (commonly known as "White 500") hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Nippon Kenko Kaigi as one of the "organizations engaging in strategic health and productivity management program efforts for maintaining their employees’ health from a management perspective."