Creating attractive living spaces
Utilizing ICT and promoting open innovation

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Utilizing condominium-related ICT and shifting open innovation initiatives into full swing

In order to realize safe, secure and comfortable housing and living, the Haseko Group has built the "HASEKO BIM & LIM Cloud," an information platform that accumulates, on its proprietary cloud, Building Information Modeling (BIM) in designing and construction and Living Information Modeling (LIM) including information collected from sensors embedded in condominiums. Going forward, we will continue to promote open innovation by collaborating broadly with various manufacturers, venture companies, universities, and research institutes. We will also seek to develop "ICT condominiums," which utilize both physical and nonphysical information.


Joint demonstration experiment of "IoT condominiums" aimed at improving convenience of communal areas

Haseko Corporation and NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE WEST CORPORATION (NTT WEST) started conducting a joint demonstration experiment to realize "IoT condominiums." The demonstration experiment involves confirming the movement and accuracy of electronic locks of the shared entrance opened by facial recognition and notification of parcels delivered in delivery boxes. By linking information held by residential equipment/information equipment with information on condominium residents, we will not only improve convenience but also provide useful information to condominium management companies, architects, etc.

Demonstration experiment in progress
[Demonstration experiment in progress] Entrance of company condominium (Windbreak room)
[Example of message by facial recognition]
[Example of message by facial recognition]Message upon arrival at home / If parcel is in delivery box

Centralized management of building materials using RFID (electronic tags)

With the aim of realizing production, shipment and inventory management of building materials, visualization of progress of construction work, traceability in maintenance (tracking function), etc., Haseko Corporation has started conducting a demonstration test jointly with exterior materials manufacturer FUJI SASH after performing a trial demonstration at Foris Corporation in the Haseko Group. Going forward, Haseko Corporation plans to expand its scope to cover interior and exterior materials as well.

* RFID (Radio Frequency Identification): An automatic recognition technology involving the use of radio for contactless reading and writing of electronic tags

Health enhancement support for seniors utilizing interactive AI robot "ZUKKU"

In order to enable seniors to live a healthy, good life in condominiums, Haseko Anesis Corporation and Haseko Senior Holdings, Co., Ltd. have conducted a demonstration test jointly with HATAPRO. to utilize palm-sized interactive AI robot "ZUKKU" for acquiring living information obtainable from conversations initiated by ZUKKU with the residents (such as information on their dietary balance, activities, social participation status and physical condition) and providing optimal dietary, health and other information based on the information obtained from them.

Palm-sized ZUKKU
Palm-sized ZUKKU